Friday, May 11, 2012

Something in the Heavenlies, Maybe?

Hello everyone.  It is nearly the middle of May, and our wait continues for a child or sibling group from Uganda.  Social workers and the staff at Good Shepherd Fold continue their investigations, and we continue on the journey of faith here in the USA.  God is up to something, we can be sure of that; the when is still to be determined...  As we wait it leads me to pray, think, and ponder, what is happening in the heavenlies?  I share two song lyrics today on this issue.

Whatever you're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos somehow there's peace
It's hard to surrender to what I can't see
but I'm giving in to something heavenly.
Whatever You're Doing, by Sanctus Real

Surrender, whew that's a tough one, but it is exactly where God wants us to be with absolutely everything in our lives...On a lighter note, but certainly not one that includes less emotion, I often listen to Pandora at work, and this past week, I found a new station, "Broadway Showtunes" (I know what some of you are thinking, so get over it).  It has been fun to listen to many familiar tunes, many of which I have been able to see on stage at some point.  Then this morning I heard the familiar song "Maybe" from Annie.

I continue to wonder what our child or sibling group in Uganda is up to today.  Maybe they are already at GSF.  Maybe not.  Either way, do you think they are pondering some of the lyrics below?

Maybe far away
Or maybe real nearby
He may be pouring her coffee
She may be straighting his tie!
Maybe in a house
All hidden on a hill
She's sitting playing piano
He's sitting paying a bill!
Betcha they're young
Betcha they're smart
Bet they collect things
Like ashtrays, and art!
...So maybe now it's time
And maybe when I wake
They'll be there calling me "Baby"
Betcha he reads
Betcha she sews
Maybe she's made me
A closet of clothes!
Maybe they're strict
As straight as a line
Don't really care as long as they're mine!
So maybe now this prayer's
The last one of its kind
Won't you please come get your "Baby"

We are ready God to come get our baby, babies, toddler, toddlers, young kid, young kids, whatever you have in store for adding to the Beesons.

Thanks again for your prayers and support of our family as we continue on this journey - May God receive the glory in this process as we continue to wait on His timing!